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Little Sisyphus

Is Your Spirit Broken Yet?

by Nora Nygard



This album is dedicated to Natalie, 1991 to 2016.

So many wonderful people & things & ideas have died this year & I'm just ready for 2016 to be over. Here's to new beginnings or whatever


released November 13, 2016

I did all the guitar, bass, drums, vocals, lyrics, composition, recording, mixing, mastering, production, graphic design, and cover artwork aka the big ol cry cry selfie

and also I spanked myself

Little Sisyphus | NN027


all rights reserved



Nora Nygard Bismarck

portal bby ⚧


everything is under construction right now, including the music here, and actually my whole life 🐇

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Track Name: Live From Washington, I'm Jack's Beer
the mountain
plucks protesters silently
please help me
I'm trapped
they have my family

I'm stuck in a tiny room
don't know what I got myself into
blowing reeds & making decisions
sending out warnings with carrier pigeons

Goldwater yes praying backwards
magic marker caveat dollars
patriot sympathizer
no-fly zone
cannons misfire

depot coffee
nuclear weapons
nude Washington
draconian selfie
modern dance in the great depression
he's the only one I can give my blessings

death yorks
elephant pugilist
metaphysical pessimists
nervous pollster

macbook pro, baby

i don't know what i got myself into
Track Name: Flowers Faking Vive's Flexible Gorbachev
youtube by the bootstraps
polls-only aphrodisiac
tiny hands
dank meme stash
secondplace jeb carefully laughed

flowers faking vive's fragile murmurs
flexible gorbachev ever afterward

blistering mythical productivity
koch tongue notarized a leafless tree

futurist rail
road worker
blackberry scribe
tabloid emperor

watching bridge kid
trump all over himself

flowers faking vibes fragile murmurs
flexible gorbachev ever afterward
Track Name: Ghosting My Taillight Asthma
comment sections on the whole internet
free trade fair trade i'm dead you're dead

activist seventies supremacist bitter
Hampshire-centric curse bedroom cinder
boxer restless
thirteen Marcus
ghostwrite tennis flail whatever sliver

worthless degree threatened sand
montgomery's flat zeroed asap
civilization sociopath
waste hiding ratatat

cent siblings
ivy vulgarity
lava ducklings
long-haul trucking
banal phallus
pretty NAFTA
canal Bannon’s
taillight asthma

worthless degree donation sand
refugee camps zeroed asap
civilization sociopath
waste hiding ratatat

Fiorina's zinger mode
naive pizza barrier drone
crumpled opiate double vision
now adult app algorithm

some speeches are good
some speeches are bad
some candidates are nice
others are my dad

where is my dad?
Track Name: Finger on the Button
wall to wall

autocratic libel
unwound dummies myself

hammer pop
wood-paneled bombsquad
peat baths memo
serious health prob
binge watch
byzantine boulevard
truffle hog
anonymous bodyguard

mega development
wink lapels
grandstand bethlehem
visit one-twelve

watchdog mayhem
lymphatic drainage
kung fu paycheck

atomized assassinations
freerange copenhagen
plainspoken capitalists
in an illegitimate august

sleeping habits
fleshes login
dent baptist
grow conscious
mashed logic
architect backs option

puppy plastic
flattened attic
don't worry, nothin
finger on the button
Track Name: Smell Ya Later, Generation Face Tat!
I have a wall tattooed on my face
& in a couple years I'm gonna get it erased
so I can build another up on the nose of my map
when the scars are thick I'll get so much cash back

smell ya later, ambassador!
aroused canine misinformed
scummy loser howling comrade slurs

My Generation Will Be a Failure Just Like Yours

digits emerge much-hyped buzzwords
whoa that rubber militant infrastructure
flags transcendent headquarters shuttered
steep gossamer


smell ya later, ambassador!
suing the discrimination landlord
scummy loser dog whistling slurs

My Generation Will Be a Failure Just Like Yours

google Cleveland's bourgeoisie
come together
pejorative army
community-building conspiracy theories

I wanna go to jail with Hillary

smell ya later, ambassador!
Nader, Perot, geologic evermore
scummy loser howling homophobic slurs

My Generation Will Be a Failure
Track Name: Smash the Like (It's Real Fascist Hours)
mile whiff reagan
flare describes lion
let young madonna
nickname yoda brian

sputtering fascist stings
apocalyptic limits
Gingrich squints
Harambe pivots

Tapper's guys throwing visionary bathtubs
scattered firefighters
kayaker battalions

30-year-old named guru Jake says he's earned sympathy
says Clinton hides tumors in email attachments obviously

i remember watching bill on tv in the 90s after the simpsons
he smashes my nostalgia buttons
prediction hits wild impulse

Tapper's guys throwing visionary bathtubs
scattered firefighters
kayaker battalions

Schumer approaches Bernie
day interview; ask: desert sound
computerized flag burning
Harambe & the body count
Track Name: Never Trump Heliport
national nightmare
FBI Bear

skeptical nations undergoing panic
transcript Facebook on limestone & granite

they propose fingernails over lowpower PCs
graph RGB v. RBG v. RG3

heliport slot machines
lab experiment democracy
falls upon privileged ears
cutthroat mediocrities

nevertrump gritted teeth
cleveland paper clippings
software anonymity
blood clot policy
color-coded weeds
mere masculinity

texas trump-camping
naked ecclesiastes
canvassed bowling alley
prairie fracking
populist gambling



viser mess

thinkpiece, freddy krueger: Vote Your Conscience
Track Name: Goodnight, My Sweet Rare Pepe
man came over to my house
hung out with my kids

I said
what is up with you

he said
what it is

Manafort made a blanket fort
it was his summer job
Bannon built a pop-up mob
that squashed my baby frog

goodnight my sweet rare Pepe
why must it end like this?
death by alt right knife fight
angels sing thee to thy rest

I just wanted to make my art & hang out with my pals
now my name & their tattoos are listed on the ADL

bumblebee Pepe
glitch art Pepe
communist Pepe
bulbasaur Pepe
jet-lagged Pepe
twerking Pepe
spaghetti Pepe
janitor Pepe

feels good, man
to be good, man

Track Name: Simulation Terrors with Elon Musk
don't believe anything I say
cuz I don't believe anything I say
it doesn't matter what you believe I believe
I don't believe in anything or anything

if having a podcast
with Max Linsky hosting it
isn't a reason to choose a candidate
idk what is

i am a member of the gym
i am a nightmare
i am the worst person who ever lived
wasted midnight down the stairs

don't politicize Yellen u loser
interest rates aren't a conspiracy
streaming homicides
listening tour
scapegoat frozen virtually

threadbare escalator
rubbernecker moderator
smoke-filled torrent of driveway moments

hard choices, peregrinations
octogenarian mythos
I feel alienated more or less wherever I go

Elon's right, this is all a simulation
Track Name: Hey Whiz Kid, Unskew My Polls
feels dark


Rose posts aliens
scorns oppressed bed
I've got a wicked crush on Harry Enten

Ghostbuster windfall


tolerance commerce
wilder book buying
junk reaction

neighborhood shouter
Flamethrower power
Prolonged exposure
Louisiana yogurt

police bunnies
slain diplomacy
optimism unraveling literally

legislative horse
bowling beavercreek
partisans withhold
gaseous luxury

bizarro hellhole
taco bowl
rootbeer float
Unskew My Polls

what's up
whiz kid.....whiz on
Track Name: Get Out While You Still Can
cloud claw homebrew
pony lawsuit
Katharine resents hypocrisy offshoots

I love America but I hate living here
the rental judge & the culture cashiers
I take the bad with the good
crack cocaine
nonfiction falsehoods

do you need someone,
someone to talk to?

careful steps
they wanna stop you

I love America but I hate living here
racist tweets
anti-semitic veneer
I take the bad with the worse
whispered slurs
the colonizer's curse

& if it's your time, your time to get out
then get out.
get out

get out while you still can
Track Name: Occam's Meta Bulldozer
grunt: internet and flowerings

national screen
perpetual wrench
Crossing unaccompanied

horror came to mystery safes
Maron lancing them everyday

wonder pulmonary Kimmel
Madonna itemized
structural whistle
hisses waistline

launch an impulsive
minimum wage hike
upscale evangelicals
erode ipsos pride

antithetical door court
spotlight 1974

dormitory-style dictators
skipped private security
Occam's razor pissed statesmanlike misogyny

bulldozer's nothingburger
overthrow paperwork purger

30,000 drugs pour boats Panetta

self-made self-destruction
pathologically meta

Unemployed Frankenstein

cash anywhere
check why
Blackwater ATM
Track Name: Is Your Spirit Broken Yet?
put me in a room with knobs & cables
shut all this junk up & off please
turn on the TASCAM
I'm just too fatigued

this life makes me so upset
& all I wanna do is play guitar
is your spirit broken yet?
everything else is just too hard

I don't wanna shirk my responsibilities
but idk how I can affect anything, I gotta
take care of myself for awhile
remind myself to not feel too guilty

in this society
this economy of cash & efficiency
happiness is an act of resistance
Track Name: Phishing Cruz Eyes Lake
destroyed wave auto
wargamed yard goats

I don't hangout I don't go out
I stay alone inside my house

justify wiki wisest demons again phishing Cruz eyes lake
inevitable post-millennial fringes getty Dream mistakes

stuck in the prison of masculinity
wish i was cool like alicia keys
fill my face full of jalapeños & coffee

junk bond colony
sanctuary city
entering the country
ballot gone

shepherd eyebrows stomach doubts

I don't hangout
I don't go out
Track Name: This Year Is the Worst Year Ever
cycling over the bridge with almond milk
listening to the death toll rising
if we lived to see world war three
honestly it wouldn't surprise me

I don't know what to do
I want to disappear

this year is the worst year ever
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna

October surprise: Natalie's dead
airports and opiates
the end is coming
life is just a war that can never be won

I would do anything to talk to you one last time.
I'll wait as long as it takes.
I'll be here.
Come say goodbye.
Track Name: I'm Out
you can call me ridiculous
you can call me Peter Pan
I love my country as much as anybody can

try to convince me that it's fair I'll still say it's rigged
but nothing really matters in the scheme of things

I don't want be here anymore

I feel so sick up here
oh my broken heart
we oughta let that vulgar monster in and watch this all fall apart

I don't want be here anymore
I'm out
Track Name: Vote for Me, I'm Naked
Vote for Me, I'm Naked!
watch me do all the things that naked people do
I'm honest with my anatomy & everything I ever say is true

are u gonna shame my body
politics when I'm nude & debating on tv
who's gonna be my naked cabinet?
who wanna be my nude vp?

Vote for Me, I'm Naked!
nothing is more authentic
let's have a beer in our birthday suits
I'm post-policy, naked-centric

naked bicycling thru the SCOTUS
skinny dipping in the Atlantic Ocean
I kiss babies & eat local foods
happy birthday to me, you can't lie when yr nude

naked nixon
naked lincoln
naked jefferson
naked madison
naked roosevelt
naked kennedy
naked you & me
Track Name: My Whole Life Has Been an Aleppo Moment Basically
trauma his mind
yuge duress
microcredit tenderness
kfc secretary of state
system negative floating cake

two parties? three parties? four parties?
i don't care
whenever there's a party u bet i'm there

backbreaking. sacred refusing bouquets, rules, 2012 Kabul
Morris blinked street truly watching Gary fight the Donald

what are we talking bout i don't know what's a world leader what's Aleppo

Angela Merkel!
Track Name: Giant Meteor 2016
Giant Meteor 2016
cyanide pills in the back of my teeth

three-year-old granddaughter fiercely criticized
the adjusted font size is radically classified

website language
bathroom leak
soul front-runner
machine kind cheap

she's tough, bashing
eats leafy independence
exploded drinks
potatoes loved
speakerphone aesthetics
but Boehner disliked moralistic breafast

i dont like yr band or memes or wikileaks
can i buy your sneakers off you pretty please

Daddy Kaine is fluent in harmonica & Spanish speaking
I would like to ruin him in a game of ultimate frisbee

I wasn't trying to tell you what it's like
I wasn't even trying to tell you what it's like
Track Name: Shapeshifter Milo Iceberg
Huckabee fought voices orchestra
forty-six room Connecticut

ricochet binary
well-paid paving
skating rink
leap saving

touchy implication overlaps fuels
you're a birther and I hate you

Shapeshifter Milo Iceberg
Lewandowski Supreme Court
Coast Kaiser

woodwork gasoline concocted hyperbole

geniuses dripping cartoon allies
boycotted necktie
nativist headline
Track Name: Bloodsport Des Moines
Resource ferret keeps her promise
To layoff chronic millennials
peak hot topic doomed scalia
verbatim armpit knew suburbia's

images Des Moines
corporatist loyalty
program spin
congressional seats

Images Des Moines
PowerPoint fantasies

pickle jar leaked
it voters Giuliani
protesting duck
embargoes hipster nazis
I don't wanna vote, voting sucks
I wanna get high at dawn car parties

images Des Moines
flashes mythmaking
inedible sanctuary

Images Des Moines
sent comey
sport noise
rainbow lease

media-induced splendor doubles butler
autoparts culture / storage summer
Well-compensated Unicorn
Animal rights Perfectly bloodsport

this whole thing is bloodsport
Track Name: Somewhere Airplanes Trace Obama
subliminal trumpsters, metric carsons
illustrate the world toward seasalt gloves
somewhere airplanes trace obama
vulgarian sky, erroneous constructs

Hoof ghost, Life boat
3 am & checking phones
Anxiety, United stress
Stampeding temperament

Jupiter battery
Retweeted Kelly
Maximal cloverleaf
War-weary presidency

Pocket veto, Wellesley keystone
3 am & checking phones
Anxiety, United stress
Suing press, religious tests

I can do this. You can do this
I can't believe we have to do this

Nasty Nora.
idk how to start this.