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Smell Ya Later, Generation Face Tat!

from Is Your Spirit Broken Yet? by Nora Nygard



I have a wall tattooed on my face
& in a couple years I'm gonna get it erased
so I can build another up on the nose of my map
when the scars are thick I'll get so much cash back

smell ya later, ambassador!
aroused canine misinformed
scummy loser howling comrade slurs

My Generation Will Be a Failure Just Like Yours

digits emerge much-hyped buzzwords
whoa that rubber militant infrastructure
flags transcendent headquarters shuttered
steep gossamer


smell ya later, ambassador!
suing the discrimination landlord
scummy loser dog whistling slurs

My Generation Will Be a Failure Just Like Yours

google Cleveland's bourgeoisie
come together
pejorative army
community-building conspiracy theories

I wanna go to jail with Hillary

smell ya later, ambassador!
Nader, Perot, geologic evermore
scummy loser howling homophobic slurs

My Generation Will Be a Failure


from Is Your Spirit Broken Yet?, released November 13, 2016


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Nora Nygard Saint Paul, Minnesota

I've always been searching. Drumming in punk bands. Singing into a cassette mic alone. Trans angst, alienation, going on the road. Synthesis, tape, poetry. Two failed tours, two failed degrees. Reclaiming my voice from the choir, reshaping my voice after punk rock. Years of isolation, hormone therapy, production studies, and hundreds of releases with various projects. ... more

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