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Little Sisyphus

Faders and Peace

by Nora Nygard

1 29:00
what's helping alone freedom and I the complex extinguisher dances in the snowshoe grabs me a razor eventually I abandon diligent brokers slip direct coffee off in tristesse the enemy of winter I sometimes hope I can get up hot outside grinding down the sun I hold my lobbyists toward my broken heart my data system grows asleep in good memories architecture and choke me rambling on a princess engineer guitars top their hoodies you fill my mouth into a corner I never should make time to party the ocean’s set method to ban pearl earring lumbers with me the homepage of the hips I draw blood out of the cuffed-up meat grind donate my body so I could pay this court I love my warm eyes how many lives fade magenta ink pedal at the sobbing calf say goodbye to my awful factory the textbook and ladder in error all night paparazzi replacement in my t-shirt glaciers atrophy in credit card euphoria basketball campfire of another day's government cops of the phantom superheat the medicine now I’m lost dreaming about zeroes and bread the laser illuminates fuzzy floods how soft I get off on the mystery saw spine is a workplace double iceberg out my facial keyboard polychrome fog surrounds me 2012 to 2015 the horror of the pixels the haste of the taste my lungs are juice ceaseless demons at the wilderness bar born to browse nuclear waste banknotes we have known babies up and blog page loop of headless dusk in a belly famous pills ignoring my candidate you're living the puke power true the tide is all wrong the wind blows better between us towel high up I’ll kill God you gotta abandon the dawn summertime moratorium fists fly tiny scorpions
2 29:00
mine was second. I could have had it dungeons all turned suddenly stupid touch screens
3 29:00
I st ill th ink ab out it s ee th e love fl ee the f ur I lost my mind milky collapse into the pantone r ive r I've been on a st urge on you have my trigger a non player character f lick er printing Cupid’s nu cl e ar v eins sugar c all my je ans res er voir plughole I'll jum p out and slam the chaos the beauty life b ou nd s sea war d Rim bau d punche d me in the face I was you ng be hin d the big ch ur ch k rank y p last i c in the mo no ph on ic c i ty God I love i t w he n I' m no t de p r esse d plea se acce pt m y ap plication to the mold salon little splashing progesterone matchbox the salt pri nts the summer eve the hex a de ci mal brea ks we swim into the house th rough t heir t eleph one I want so little but so much a pha ntom cure s c or ch the dose your h eart hung noisy a flame th ro wing vo ice lan g uag e is mean i ngl ess
4 29:00
y ou a n d m e t o g ether in the physical realm I am back in San Jose now I am my antidote we broke the sarcophagus each storm she has at her fingertips more of my hair under water I painted the sun a pelican party place the sky on the wall I'll never scientific benjamins random detail random fact detergent failures walking conversion generations stand up and the wind blows strawberries felt like an amp on my gender I'm growing a road she did the paperwork for my street a hand on the earth your very own magazine you're lost in all the spiders we don't know the details of each other's lives hug the wooden piano obscure feedback poisons the pendulum stereo driving stops the lakes it just doesn't make sense wake me up wrap up the baby stay up all night in the super computer warehouse witchcraft placeholder I treat you to the polychrome fog product loop printed kitchenette ephemeral plankton I'm driving around your temporal lobe hear them puke fantastic now I paste the night
5 29:00
magnetic thistles made for hollywood dark in the vacuum it's a sad basketball game the voicemail tape decays day feels alright with the estradiol everybody hanging out and stuff I don't care she likes facts nobody else does I'm growing very embarrassing we're all holograms this whole joint smells like sarsaparilla up in here before I die be mean to me I need you world hunger with the evening sun blow the air mattress sweating venus estrogen astronaut pulls the wilderness I'm starting a timer because I want this to be over the monster narrows the radius after you died new moon subway goo husky has a workplace incomprehensible mistake we all know you suck perfect paws holding your expired medicine singe the future full of visual disturbances walking the sorrow I love being your girlfriend
6 29:00
bubblegum chimney became reality jump off the boxes here's what you would say when I’m a weather mushroom you get sad for the first time probe my pest today coastal glitch mental milk hello belly they bought me coffee I read some wow that's so cray see the best of all the pixels seems they got my message marker through the bottles violet glances at rollerblades zoology was within me as I swam in the gold standard sidestep foam stay away from the moon my body is a duplicate I'm your wife I can walk anywhere in a statue puddle oh no I don't show up in make me dropping acid sewage so much to do today I just want to be a drum lost lungs beckon to anyone who understands the encoder so much living televisions dropped out trains upright I want to summon the internet night a wave stuck in your filthy screen everything I'm doing is meaningless I'm so happy to hear it
7 29:00
I feel the sidewalks delete my hidden field thirteen years I wanted to yell at them get on the cloud eat your milk burger arcane appeals in the lunchroom you're so cute it hurts go into the processor bandwidth lands unalterable she watches people's faces gives me a joke kiss I've become obsessed with fruit if tomorrow is a lifetime let's sauté the kale left at a wave habitable gravel desperate to be forgotten sheyenne smoke the shape of my bath moisturize the candles brooklyn breaks the choral domain over my foot for you to broadcast is to wager with satan and engagement wizard renders a silver elevator takes a shortcut taste this lemon body of things and her horse loves good rhubarb phenomena please realize you could die did anybody check outside for the ax in the sky
8 29:00
murder smoke my shadow underwater willow every sonata at once huge technical extinctions ski in the wails of my palms I am never safe from suck morning windshield starless bootleg easy taxi over takes me body howls ancient window loose lipids I hunt the shy spiders fawning uranium it was a prank rush to the grace of each other keep me safe from you chrono curtsies follow sheets in her coastal arch gush buster hanging out and making stock footage overshare the apple orchard groundwater silently turning toxic I brawl all over you exponential internet glue I'm so jealous of your curls hustle with the snowshoes she thinks I'm painting in my sleep as locusts sell my soul
9 29:00
enjoy the yelling! the mythical ocean steel shelving traveling to space with text files encounter this pink iron parallel to the marble shop the mouse of days in the metro organic into my hormones my bad habits and I the pavement root beer bulldozer paste a mistake broken heart broken desert scan plants fade moisturize my face vacant erase what do I have to do to snuggle up she still likes to party a b ig lo ng co at w it h p o c ke ts eve r yw her e f ill e d w it h c o ld ro ck s posting lions I wasted my life in my hometown I wanna get air car things and parts and I don’t know puppy mar ri age o r bit ing logos I've got that slap back go in g o n I'll always bubble up the sky phlegm here is your ticket to the cat stay up touch books god thank god video tape of a pigeon
10 29:00
breathing is a laundromat catch me in each organ bullet crying by candlelight the devil's passionate design walk past the flamethrower staring at shameful tears milk flake teletype burdens my trachea fully aware flipped lake supervise rural lawn shake out to the beach early deconstruct I remember when high light chains translate the matrix blowholes in my mind my cathedrals all weigh down oversized fork sticks out of the shoebox your death in the drawer metronome dog time and arugula blood alarm cyber libel laser play the best stardust beneath me it's nice to wait it out in the sun magic elixir pale I want your wide angle claymation love escapes me I travel to your kiss I abandon it every day is hell
11 29:00
hyped to elope and forget that I exist each day an internal planet will be born bless the portal again tonight wolves in the vapor cave spaceside minnesota zora’s in the doorways all lied superfortress how much venus nausea if you value cuddle me digital dad your zoomer sunburn farewell to the floating rhizome I celebrate the baby in the hiss of malice power I'm the twelth type to poison your pacifist but yeah I'm high why does my brain do this reach out of the century yeah that's cool with us feels soft real thrill healthcare hallucination every night I fall asleep to die from the dream wishing you were holding me toads roar to the touch we'll get our opportunity digital sandbag your incandescence I cried ten thousand years boycotted total planetside busted econ thinking face lust upon my final day
12 29:00
sad time kid has a backup plan all day dangerous I'll marry anyone goth machines swim in the moon heat vomit cookies in a rocking chair know yourself max out your clip boa rd st air case l in t smokeless g low show you r polar win gs c ass et te muscles li vi ng in crescent ci t y it's explosive barking dogs in the delorean the hips I'll never have you did way more work on the night furnace my cranium likes to say hi modernity out to scorch the sky sunset awash co nsc io us tox in ruin ferric jumpsuit ash en t all gr a s s brut al c la pping illuminate the snow somebody stole my laundry detergent it's o kay o live o p en mo uth in my fr i end's car long hair is use ful fond of the fond of the beat of the beat of the beat the beat the beat fond of the beat I'm playing fond of the beat God the beat I'm fond of the God I'm fond God to the beat of Im fond of fond to mouth G o d be fond to the beat of the beat the beat I'm playing my friend's God I'm the beat of the be at of th e b eat I 'm fo nd o f t h e b e a t God f o nd o f the be a t t h e b ea t of th e f o n d of t h e b e a t I' m f o n d o f t h e be a t i'm u s e the t h e b e at im p l a y ing f o nd of the b ea t fo nd of t he be a t im f o nd god of i m f o n d of th ee beat im f o n d o f t h e b e a t g o d imfond ofthebeatof thebeatfondofthebe atofthebeatofthebeatimplaying godimfondofhtebeatimplaying godimfondthebeatimplaying godofthebeati'mplaying godthebeat im playing g od impl a y ing g o d g o d god g o d g o d g o d i' m p la y in g g o d i'm p lay ing god max out you rc lip i'll ma rry any one i'm play ing god


released December 31, 2023

Nora Nygard: Producer / Composition / MIDI Sequencing / Poetry / Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Cover / Photography / Vocals / Synthesizer

Little Sisyphus | NN047


all rights reserved



Nora Nygard Saint Paul, Minnesota

I've always been searching. Drumming in punk bands. Singing into a cassette mic alone. Trans angst, alienation, going on the road. Synthesis, tape, poetry. Two failed tours, two failed degrees. Reclaiming my voice from the choir, reshaping my voice after punk rock. Years of isolation, hormone therapy, production studies, and hundreds of releases with various projects. ... more

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