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Giant Meteor 2016

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Giant Meteor 2016
cyanide pills in the back of my teeth

three-year-old granddaughter fiercely criticized
the adjusted font size is radically classified

website language
bathroom leak
soul front-runner
machine kind cheap

she's tough, bashing
eats leafy independence
exploded drinks
potatoes loved
speakerphone aesthetics
but Boehner disliked moralistic breafast

i dont like yr band or memes or wikileaks
can i buy your sneakers off you pretty please

Daddy Kaine is fluent in harmonica & Spanish speaking
I would like to ruin him in a game of ultimate frisbee

I wasn't trying to tell you what it's like
I wasn't even trying to tell you what it's like


from Is Your Spirit Broken Yet?, released November 13, 2016


all rights reserved



Nora Nygard Bismarck

portal bby ⚧

Bernie 2020

transgender resources in North Dakota: (bless u)


Green New Deal. M4A. Land back. Anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-fascism. Decolonize. No Más Muertes. ACAB. End factory farming. Reparations. Open borders. Intercontinental wilderness.


everything is under construction right now, including the music here, and actually my whole life🐇
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