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Nora Nygard - Meet

from Bon Voyage! by Nora Nygard and The Juniper Drive

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I'm falling in love with a girl eight seats in front of me in class. I'm trying to decrease the area of the surface. I know I can't sing, but in my mind I'm not some angel either. My black widow died before she revived, I couldn't free her. Remember that one thing you did that one time that was so amazing? Sunshine golden daises all covered up in kerosene. School is not a place to catch up, love, sing, dance or shine. I have a bicycle, she's a very good friend of mine.

I love you with all my heart, but I don't want to hurt you, 'cause the people that I love never say, "Well yeah, me too." Green plastic army men - I smell them burning, and the rain. Explosions, door hinges, creaking open in my brain. Oranges on your breath, your heart is beating. When you’re close, the hardest part is is is is is breathing. I'd like to see your smile up close, strain to see you smile blurry. I'll save you a seat on the bus, but walk quick, you've got to hurry.

Yeah, I know, I said I'm no angel
so this is just repetition,
but when I'm around you
I'm guilty by association.


from Bon Voyage!, released June 16, 2010


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Nora Nygard North Dakota

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