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Nora Nygard - Surf Nazis

from Bon Voyage! by Nora Nygard and The Juniper Drive

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I never wanted it to be like this. I never even thought back then that it would turn out this way, that the good would never be found again. Now it's a broken glass bottle amongst the trash, stranded upon the beach by surf Nazis. Just like a wedded hand, the shards shine in sand. I walk and cut my feet on her Nazis.

And where the bottle broke, we turned our backs and stepped away, red in each print. With distances growing, our blood covered the beach. She saw their fire there. She stepped near it. They held her tightly and broke her spirit. Dear, how I miss your name. I wish you'd hear when I say, I said stay away from Surf Nazis. My mind and skin are numb. Ways - I'm devising some - I want to save her from her Nazis.

But everything shattered and I'm back where I started. Relations severed, data gathered and charted. I miss your laugh. I miss your eyes.I miss your gold. I miss your mind. I miss the smiles you bring. I wish I could've done something.


from Bon Voyage!, released June 16, 2010


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Nora Nygard North Dakota

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