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Elevator Song

from Elevator Song by Nora Nygard



I applied to college and I got in. They say that makes me special cuz think of all the suckers who didn't. I wanted to go to school, go to school to be an artist, not become some unproductive shit who's fucking heartless. No I don't mean like that, don't mean I got no romance, I just mean that I got no will. It's four in the morning. I'm hanging in an elevator. Singing and standing fucking still. Maybe I better go home. Maybe probably tomorrow. There I got all that I need. I'll pack up my van, wave with a hand and leave. I think if I stick I'll fail cuz I can't listen anymore. Like, what's that guy saying? What's that guy saying it for? But I guess I'll ride out the semester, try and make a friend. I've got a guy down on the south end. Got a couple of things to attend. I met a girl from Alaska. I asked her advice. She gave me some. She said, "I was an artist, a nurse, an archaeologist, a businessman and now I'm a bum."


from Elevator Song, released November 15, 2011




Nora Nygard Bismarck


everything is under construction right now, including the music here, and actually my whole life 🐇

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