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Little Sisyphus


by Nora Nygard

Pinkerton 02:28
send me home I'm not having fun papa beats me feeds me hamburger bun I don't have any time to smile cuz people are hitting me in my face face face face I just wanna swim in the pool chlorine water dirty children I just wanna talk on my cell phone I just wanna eat an ice cream cone send me home I'm not having fun papa beats me feeds me hotdog bun blah blah blah blah send me home
Heeler 01:47
April 03:23
Apparition 04:34
Maggots 00:11
the maggots are burrowing into your skull but it's okay life was dull anyway
Meet 03:36
here in the night once I've turned out the light I can pretend that everything will be okay
Help Me 03:26
Allie 04:29
I had this friend she was talking to me but I was alone alone as I could be there was this guy and he was yelling something but I wasn't there when he was shouting at me I'm alone I feel thrown out I feel like it is garbage day when I talk to you I feel there's nothing to say you keep telling me but I can't believe that that's the way I know sometimes it's true it feels like winter but it's May I'm alone I don't think that I hate it's just hard to get on by I don't think I'm dishonest it's just sometimes I have to lie and if I grow up all I wanna do is die you might learn how to read but you don't learn how to cry I'm alone


released February 27, 2015

Nora Nygard: Production / Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Transfer Cassette to Digital / Lyrics / Cover Art / Vocals / Dulcimer / Acoustic Guitar / Handclaps / Chord Organ / Electric Organ / Piano / Synthesizer

Alexander Gardner: Photography

Recorded to stereo and four-track cassette in Bismarck in 2007.

Released 27 February 2015.

Remastering began in 2020 and was finished 9 April 2022.

Reissued 22 April 2022.

The photograph was shot on 3 October 1862:

Little Sisyphus | NN022B


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Nora Nygard Saint Paul, Minnesota

I've always been searching. Drumming in punk bands. Singing into a cassette mic alone. Trans angst, alienation, going on the road. Synthesis, tape, poetry. Two failed tours, two failed degrees. Reclaiming my voice from the choir, reshaping my voice after punk rock. Years of isolation, hormone therapy, production studies, and hundreds of releases with various projects. ... more

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