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Life Is Unnecessary

by Nora Nygard

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Satan loves me this I know for the flies fly into my head your god has let us down horrible things (Satan) always bring us goodness
Racist Idiot 01:33
sitting around all day I had nothing to do and all I had in my mind were stupid pictures of you you were asking a clown to try on a wedding gown and then you fell down and screamed some lame noun, "Idiot!" you're a racist idiot self-righteous bigot you hear a poppy song and sing it push somebody around say, "Bring it!" hey little boy say, what are you gonna do today if you want some cocaine hey, you won't even have to pay
Mom, will you help me with my math homework? Sure, honey, let me look at the paper. Two plus four will equal six? Oh my god, these math problems are from the future! No Mom, you're just being stupid.
I wanna see how crappy this world is gonna be I wanna kill the cretins in 2077 I don't wanna die before I'm 85 I wanna knock on all the doors and say that I'm alive I hate all the people I wanna see em die but I don't wanna kill em cuz that would make me cry I wanna see all the flying cars I wanna see a horrible plague I wanna see roads get new tars I wanna break off Oprah's legs (No offense Oprah I love you please have me on your show) I can't wait for the future I can't wait for new colors of crayons I can't wait for stuff and weird new gamma rayons
Pants 02:45
it's a thing for school so I remember answers jump in the pool and take off all my pantsers let us remember the colleges universities and ways to pay for lips and types of scholarships BSC, U of Mary and UT Tech in Bismarck NDSU in Fargo UND Grand Forks "C"s are 2, "U"s are 4 buy the butts off porks you can pay it by a job parents, savings, or listen to Uncle Scary join the military you can get a loan and pay all that back or instead of buying pork buy a rack grants are based on income so if you're really rich and your parents hate you go get a scholarship which are awarded based on achievement so don't let the man shove you down into the pavement you can get em by being academic or athletic but not being just stupid and pathetic get em for education, theater, journalism but the best in the nation get em for music there's on the job training apprenticeship programs now the clouds are raining Jesus loves you vocational technical school yo yo yo learn a special skill fool trade fool college degrees two-three associate's four-five is bachelor's seven-ten doctorate five to seven master's first-professional seven to ten college seven to ten college seven to ten college
666 02:59
Comb! the day of reckoning is upon us prepare to die in a pit of eternal hellfire "Yeah, we don't really like music that much" "Then why do you play it?" "Because people will buy it" "Haha. Yeah dude" gimme all your money 666 all the numbers put together spell out 666 comb. comb. die on 6/6/06 gimme all your money die on 6/6/06 Rabbit foot. hell is upon us Hell isn't really upon us. He's just saying, "Hell is upon us." aliceisuhponus why why why why why Comb!
I Hate You 02:33
hey, what do you think about the vast majority of people? I hate their stupid faces I hate the vast majority
die Mitch, die! I hope you chucking die I hope you choke on something hard fall to the floor and die stick you in a cage with a fork and force you to eat your eyes fork will stick inside your brain then you'll fall to the floor and die die die mother chuck die die lucky duck long while ago I HOPE YOU CHUCKING DIE long while ago under mystery ocean I found a toe that was dry and needed lotion
Drugs 05:36
Dystopia 07:03


Life Is Unnecessary was the debut album from my "satirical Satanist black metal band."

This formation of the band played live three times, and was the first time that any band I was in performed at a local show. Our first concert was at The Post near Mandan, ND in the summer of 2005 when I was thirteen. We were a trio: vocals, one guitarist, and a drummer. Our first set consisted of only a few of the earlier songs, like "Racist Idiot," with some cover songs including Captain Beefheart's "The Dust Blows Forward 'N' The Dust Blows Back."

My outfits for these shows consisted of sequin or leather pants, a women's blazer with no shirt underneath, red suspenders, a girl friend's underwear, and my trademark red pitchfork cape with a stuffed devil's tail that I would whip around.

Our second show was in January 2007 shortly before my fifteenth birthday. We had expanded to a quintet, and had learned more of the songs and several covers. We played in Mandan to almost no one. My brother, mom, and uncle were there, as well as a band from Minot and Williston whose members we would get to know about six-and-a-half years later. Some video footage of this show exists.

The week after my brother's sudden death in early February 2007, we played our third and final show at the VFW in Bismarck. Other members of the band said we could call it off if I wanted but I told them I needed to play the show. It turned out to be well-attended and we were much more prepared. The shock of my brother's death continued to resonate through my body.

I don't remember much from the night of the performance. I can still see and feel the memory of being surrounded by the crowd. I was dizzy from grief, excitement, and the physical exertion that comes from the inability to catch your breath when you're yelling.

"In Heaven," I screamed, "everything is fine."

When we played our cover of Rage Against the Machine's "Freedom," I could feel the walls moving. The crowd pulsed beside me. I still think it's one of the best shows I've ever played, and I'm still sick from grief.


released June 6, 2006

Life Is Unnecessary was recorded between July 2003 and June 6, 2006. It was initially "released" among friends on CD-R on 6/6/06. The album was recorded and mixed in Sonic Foundry ACID Pro 3.0 and Magix Samplitude. Nearly all of the original WAV files were lost. This digital version is slightly altered and was mastered mostly from MP3s on November 15, 2020, and published on December 4, 2020.

Thank you to my supporters on Patreon: Jon, Gus, Evan, Calvin, Divyaa, Chris, Karen, Aaron, Delia the Snake, Cameron, Jacob, Shannon, and Blake.

Thanks for subscribing on Bandcamp, Jacob.

Nora Nygard: Production / Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Cover Art / Graphic Design / Lyrics on 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 / Lead Vocals / Electric Guitar on 5, 9 / Sequencer / Synthesizer / Tambourine on 6 / Percussion on 9, 10 / Drums on 9 / Trumpet on 10 / Albuterol Inhaler

Robert Kramer: Recording / Lyrics on 6 / Electric Guitar on 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 / Vocals on 6, 8

Uncredited Roles: Lyrics / Vocals

Little Sisyphus | NN004


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Nora Nygard Minneapolis, Minnesota

I've always been searching. Drumming in punk bands. Singing into a cassette mic alone. Trans angst, alienation, going on the road. Synthesis, tape, poetry. Two failed tours, two failed degrees. Reclaiming my voice from the choir, reshaping my voice after punk rock. Years of isolation, hormone therapy, production studies, and hundreds of releases with various projects. ... more

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