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Little Sisyphus

I'm a Russian Asset

by Nora Nygard

baby im a russian asset i'll do whatever putin says i'm a big commie bby off with my head :) i'm an asset! i dont care about the uninsured endless wars, civil rights who care bout the burning world all i wanna do is rig election night!!!!! The. Only. Reason. I'm. Angry. Is. Because. They. Paid. Me!! i'm an asset! i'm a red sparrow ;) Daddy Marx is my hero ♥ 𝓓𝓐𝓓 ♥


that’s right 💕😻💕 daddy P pays me!!

LISTEN. transitioning is expensive 😩 and I shouldnt have to pay for it!

so -- I turned my whole life into a sponsored post and I hopped on Putin’s payroll 😇 frankly if i can rig the election the way they want it Im not even going to have to worry about healthcare costs anymore and neither will u! 💉💸 but theirs 1 part that’s making me nervous..

The democrats are catching on to what me and P are up to and are starting to call us out on it. Theyre going on pod and calling us “russian assets” and saying privately they'll work against the sCaRy sOcIaLiSt candidate so he doesn’t get the nom :( so I wrote this song to get ahead of the scandal. I am a PROUD russian asset and no one can change me. This is who I am. Get used to it or get lost 🖕🏻😈🖕🏻

honestly, the nu red scare is just gonna get worse and worse and it’s fucking disgusting. The world is burning ffs 🍆💦🔥🌎


released November 28, 2019

Thank you to my supporters over on Patreon! ily Karen, Jon, Gus, Jason, Evan, Taylor, and Calvin! <3

Nora Nygard: producer / audio engineer / recording / mixing / mastering / composition / lyrics / cover / photography / graphic design / administration / lead vocals / background vocals / drums / tambourine / hand claps / electric guitar / electric bass / acoustic guitar / piano / drum machine / synthesizer

Vocals: Neumann U87, API 3124+

Drums: Slingerland kick, Ludwig snare, Zildjian hats and ride cymbal

Guitars: Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Fender Bassman, Chase Bliss Audio Brothers, ZVEX Fuzz Factory Vexter, Knut's Ibanez CS-505 Chorus

Synths: Vermona DRM1, Intellijel Atlantis, Intellijel Quadra and Expander, Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb Pedal

DAW: Ableton Live 9, Avid Pro Tools 2019.6.0

Plugins: iZotope Alloy 2, Insight 2; iZotope Ozone 8 Dynamic EQ, Vintage Tape, EQ, Dynamics, Vintage Compressor, Maximizer; Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates, Abbey Road Chambers Reverb, J37 Tape Saturation, H-Delay; Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics, Repeater Delay, Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Mix Rack including FG-76, FG-N EQ, U73b, FG-Bomber, Hollywood and London Virtual Tube.

The photograph was shot with a Canon AE-1 Program and expired Rite-Aid film in January 2019. Edited in Adobe Photoshop CC. The typography uses the Tipoteca Series by Ulrike Rausch, including the fonts Filicudi Striped and Filicudi Solid. The PSD project file is 3000 x 3000 RGB. The border is 137 pixels.

Songwriting began on October 17th, 2019. Cover art was finished on October 18th. Recorded between October 18th and November 2nd. Mixing and mastering was completed on November 17th, 2019. Somehow writing and producing this track took about 75 hours.

Recorded, mixed and mastered with Proprioception in the Vampire Castle.

Little Sisyphus | NN030


all rights reserved



Nora Nygard Bismarck


everything is under construction right now, including the music here, and actually my whole life 🐇

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